Thursday, September 30, 2010

My testimonial and my quest in Making Money online

My testimonial and my quest in Making Money online

I am just like some other people that wanted to earn money in the internet. Heres my story –

Ive been working in call center before and I quit my job since I don’t want to work night shift and I am having hardtime looking for a day job.

Until my former officemate told me that I can work online. So I decided to apply odesk but the competition of applicants are so many they have experience and good work records in odesk, since in new Nahihirapan ak kumuha ng project sa 20 na inapplyan ko isa lang interested mag interview sa akin so I came to a stage where I lost hope.

Then I join PTC sites Ptc stands for paid to click. Okey sa una medyo excited pero nahirapan ako kumuha ng recruit or downline. Then I tried to research ways online to make money. i studied making a website which nakagawa ako I place ads but the traffic is not that big then I studied SEO which can help you drive traffic to your website. Daming idea na pumapasok sa isip ko 3 months past positive pa rin ako maka earn ng pera sa internet. Sabi ng girlfriend mag hanap ka lang ng matino na trabaho kaso naghihirap ka na. pero go parin ako in my quest of making money online.

Until I experiment something writing article since may background at may alam ako sa SEO alam ko ang keyword na sini search ng tao. So sumulat ako ng article about sa mga search ng tao sa internet and guess what I have 100 visit agad on the first day and it earns me like .35 cents in dollars yun ha. I said to my self what if I write more article. I added 5 articles a day den yung pero ko umabot ng 1 dollar a day in a month kumita ako ng $2.15 everyday which is good almost hundred peso yun dba. So right now im earning $11 dollars a day which 500 pesos. Okey ang website na ito because kumikita ka kahit di mo dagdagan as long may mag research at magbasa ng article mo kumikita ka.

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So imagine if you already have 1000 articles tas every article is earning 10 cents a day multiply to 1000 equals 100 dollar which 4500 pesos per day. So far I have 115 articles.

So sa lahat na mahilig sumulat try nyo to just write at least 5 article and see the result with in a month. Super passive income talaga.

The website will pay you in paypal which you can transfer the money to your EON union bank account withdraw in ATM.

Give it a try, I will give you the link so that you can register. No fee required. Register now. click this  or