Thursday, May 13, 2010

funny text quotes

Text quotes

I read on the newspaper that sending text messages causes a radiation that is cancerous. That's why I have decided to stop - to stop reading newspapers.

Why do I miss you? Because you make me smile. You are so kind. You are so sweet. You are very funny. And most of all, because you are not texting me any more. That's why.

When you are in love, you wish you were married. When you are married, you wish you were in love.

The rain makes all things beautiful, the grass and flowers too. But if rain really makes all things beautiful, why doesn't it rain on you?

Whenever I hear people say something bad about you, like when they say that you are not cute enough, I would always come to your defense and say "She's trying to be one a!"

Funny TExt quotes na corny

Tagalog Jokes Text Messages BTJ 5.5

Ang taong BOLERO msarap kaSEX
Taong DEDMA mkulit sa SEX
tanong 2 tymer Swit sa SEX
taong stik 2 1
tipid sa SEX
taong d ngrereply
tyak na nkikipag SEX…

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  1. Lols, I just bookmarked the page. I am entertained with your site very much even though I am not yet that good in Tagalog.