Monday, May 10, 2010

Tips on How to Break up with your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Breaking up can be one of the hardest decisions one can ever make. However, in more times than not, we find we are with a jerk who just needs to be gotten rid of.

Here are the Rules to Follow in Breaking Up.

1.Do not avoid the subject. It's best to get it over with as soon as possible. The longer you wait the harder it will get.

2.Remain calm. You don't want to stir up mixed emotions or send mixed signals. It could only make it worse.

3.Talk about it. It's always best to state your opinion on why you want to break up. This is so your 'someone' (soon to be ex.) will not question it and think there may still be something between you. Try not to blame each other, it only makes things worse and may cause aggressiveness.

4.It's always best to do it in person, unless of course this person is abusive by any means. Then it's best to either call or write a letter, even better, have a friend tell the person. It's a horrible way to break up, but if it's a last resort, do it.

5.After the break up, do not go back -- no matter what. You broke up for a reason, remember it. You might think this person has changed, but they truly haven't. People do not change over short periods –- no matter how convincing that person might be.

Of course, there are always exceptions to rules. One may be able to go back to someone they were with, if the reason is not a big one. For example, distance. If two broke up because of distance, it would be easy for them to get back together later on without any serious problems – same thing holds true for misunderstandings.

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