Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to break up with my Boyfriend

Sa lahat na gusto makikipag break sa inyong Boyfriend. heres the tip on how to break up with your boyfriend.

Men are generally harder to break up with than females. For that reason, here are some guidelines you should follow when breaking up with a man.

* Keep it simple. The more he understands about the break up the easier it'll be for the both of you.
* Keep it short. The faster you get it over with the better and the longer you are together the worse.
* Leave no "maybes." Don't make him think there's a possibility of getting back together or else he may never leave you alone and just get even more the jealous when you meet someone new.
* Tell him in person. If possible, tell him in person. It'll be easier on the both of you. However, if there is abuse in the relationship, seek a friend to tell him for you or write a letter.
* Stay calm. If you are calm, he will be calm.

Breaking up with guy is as hard as you want it to be. The quicker you get it over with the better, there is no use in waiting unless there is a 50% chance of changing your mind. Just keep the break up easy to understand and speak calmly and everything will be fine.

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