Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to Stop the Break Up

How to Stop the Break Up

How to Stop the Break Up

You like to save your relationship. and you do know what to do. this might help you or may even save your Relationship.

How to save your relationship with your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

How to Stop a Break Up

Relationships come and go everyday, but sometimes we find the perfect man or woman for us and don't want them to leave, no matter what.
Signs of a possible break up

One of the many signs, but the strongest, is avoidance. If your boyfriend or girlfriend isn't answering your calls or never home when they usually are, there is a possibility of a pending break up.

Acting differently
Another possible sign of a break up, is a change in personality. If your partner normally acts one way, but all of the sudden changes, there is a problem. As well, if your partner begins showing less interest or paying more attention to others, there's a chance.
Ways to avoid a break up

Some relationships are meant to be broken, otherwise we would never find the right person to be with for the rest of our lives. However, sometimes we feel we must stay with someone for at least a little longer.

Find out what is wrong
The first step to avoiding a break up is ask what is wrong. Talk to your partner to find the problem and ask how it can be fixed, that is if you don't know already.

Talk about the future
The next step may seem awkward, but if you wish the relationship to continue it's essential. However, you must find out exactly what your partner wants of the relationship and find out how it may be accomplished.

Make it work
Finally, make it work. If there is anything you can change and still want to be with this person, do it. Actions speak more than words. Show your partner how you truly feel. Who knows, maybe he/she wants the same thing you do.

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