Sunday, May 9, 2010

Indonesia Earthquake May 10 2010

INDONESIA was hit by an 7.4 earthquake. An Magnitude earthquake The US Geological Survey put the magnitude at 7.4. hits Indonesia.
66 kilometres (41 miles) southwest of Meulaboh, Aceh Coast of Sumatra.
Local poeple where alertened by a posivilty for a tsunami.
Local residents were traumatized by the tsunami last december 2004.

Indonesia Earthquake May 10 2010

According to Yahoo news

An AFP correspondent in the provincial capital Banda Aceh said the ground shook for about three minutes on Sunday, sending people rushing from their homes and heading inland on motorcycles, cars and trishaws.

"This quake turned out not to be destructive. There's no report of damage to buildings, anyone injured or killed so far," Disaster Management Agency spokesman Priyadi Kardono told AFP.

"There were many people who panicked and fled their homes. They were just so afraid that a tsunami would happen again," he added.

Part of a school building which was under construction on the tiny island of Simeulue south of Meulaboh has collapsed, local chief Darmili said, adding that there were no reports of damage elsewhere...

source yahoo news

Indonesia was hit by earthquake may 9 2010,

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