Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sino ang Manalo 2010 elections

Sino ang Manalao sa 2010 Elections.

Sa tingin nyo sino ang manalo bilang presidente sa 2010 election?

sa bise presidente

at mga senador?

as an Internet buff. i came across some site that have a poll daddy .survey who will win and who dominates the viewer who visits their websites.
the survey varies in different areas on the internet. if we talk about facebook there is a winner which dominates by Gibo Teodoro and for some websites i encounter dominated by Aquino followed by GIBO and Villar. but the big question is who will win? sino ang mananalo para presidente malalaman natin yan bukas. will know about it tomorrow.

Im wondering right now at this time ano nararamdaman ng mga political candidates since tomorrow is their judgment day.

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