Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sex in the City quotes

Why don't we save time and you just tell me what I want?
Mr. Big to Carie

Why do we let the one thing we don't have affect how we feel about all the things we do have? Why does one-minus-a-plus-one feel like it adds up to zero?

If you can only have one great love, then the city just may be mine. And I don't want nobody talkin' shit about my boyfriend.

I think I have monogamy. I must have caught it from you people.

Maybe it's maturity or the wisdom that comes with age, but the witch in Hansel and Gretel — she's very misunderstood. I mean, the woman builds her dream house and these brats come along and start eating it.

Oh my god! She's fashion roadkill!

I began to realize that being beautiful is like having a rent-controlled apartment overlooking the park: completely unfair and usually bestowed upon those who deserve it least.

They practically chased me with torches like I was Fuckenstein!
Samantha, "Freaks and Oddities"

I said no white, no ivory, no nothing that says virgin. I have a child. The jig is up.
Miranda, "The Ick Factor"

Oh, honey, wake up and smell the KY.
Anthony, "Boy, Interrupted"

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